Valérie Arnold
VP Mentoring, PWN Global

Valerie is a Harvard Business School CE leadership educator and executive master coach EMCC, who loves nothing more than asking thought-provoking questions!

A humorous and candid speaker, Valerie believes that you should leave a conference energised by new insights you can’t wait to apply to your work... or puzzled by a completely new a take on something you took for certain...

That is why perspective transformation is at the heart of her work. To challenge our deeply ingrained beliefs and limiting assumptions, to empower us to think differently and and help us gain new insights and perspectives! A prior consulting senior manager with 18 years of experience, Valerie has worked for Fortune 500 companies, the European Institutions, and the United Nations.

Her work has impacted over 43 000 people across 72 countries. Born in the South of France, she is an expat at heart and believes that being exposed to other cultures and values has made her a better person, free-spirited and non-judgmental.