PWN Global: Entrepreneurship Committee - Knowledge Management Director


This is your opportunity to make the difference!!! Join the PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee now! We are looking for a Knowledge Management Director to join our virtual team. 

 Do you have 4 hours a week available? Do you know how to get things done? Are you interested to support a non-profit with your skills and ready to learn and grow together? 

  • Knowledge Management Director who can help this starting committee to creates and organize the knowledge and information required to be successful and sustainable going forward. You are organized and have a good understanding of what a knowledge management structure should look like. You have high English command are able to work with people with wide variety of styles and are able to write playbooks, checklists and so on.

Getting involved is a great way for you to see that the PWN whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. If you would like to be involved then please reach out to PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship, Patricia Zeegers